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Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has sustained a strong commitment to supporting research that will identify and deliver cures for breast cancer. This commitment has resulted in important progress that has contributed to every major advance in breast cancer over the past 25 years.

With increasing investments over time, Komen is now the largest non-government funder of breast cancer research. Our commitment to energizing science to find the cures started in 1982,  our very first year, with just one grant for $28,000. Today we have invested nearly $450 million in 1,736 research projects, each year closer to accomplishing its goal of investing another $2 billion in breast cancer research and community health programs by 2017.

Where does the money go?

Up to 75 percent of the net revenue raised by the Columbus Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is distributed right back into Central and Southeastern Ohio. The remaining 25 percent directly supports Komen’s National Research Grant Program. Since our inception in 1993, the Columbus Affiliate has raised more than $19 million supporting vital breast health education, screening and treatment programs in our community.

Currently we serve 30 counties in Ohio by providing funding for these programs, which include free and reduced-price mammograms, culturally and ethnically competent education, and patient navigation services, among others. For a complete list of all programs we serve, please click here.

The wide spectrum of research to be funded this year by Komen’s National Research Grants Program includes the following:

  • Investigations into treatment and outcome disparities (racial, ethnic) among groups of women,
  • Improved diagnostics and screening (biomarkers, new imaging techniques),
  • New targeted therapy and methods of delivery (nanotechnology),
  • Better understanding of breast cancer types (triple negative breast cancer), and
  • Drug resistance and metastasis.

Grantees in Action
Our Grant Program is designed and formulated to support organizations in Central and Southeastern Ohio that offer screening, education, treatment and services to local residents, particularly the uninsured or medically under-served. The work of our passionate Grantees is crucial and life-changing, and brings us closer, day by day, to eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.

Seventy-five percent of all contributions support our local grant program. View the video below to see a few of the grantees in action.